Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 36 - The First Beer of Many!...starting Last Night

So the mass drinking of beers began last night and I couldn't be happier to be back stateside. Enjoying some excellent Mexican fare at Señor Grubby's of Carlsbad, the first beer is a new one for me, and a popular ale out of Colorado.

Beer #37 - Boulder Beer Hazed & Infused

Proper IPA's and American Pale Ales are hard to come by in the east and I may drown myself in them during my visit to So Cal, and apart from select breweries in San Diego, the best place to obtain these are microbreweries from Colorado. (Please be advised I am not condoning drowning yourself in IPA's. That would be a sheer waste of a large amount of IPA.)

Hazed & Infused is a lightly hoppy ale with a bit of citrus, a beer that no doubt is very popular for those reasons. It didn't have the orange punch of a beer like Shock Top, but was a light, almost watered down version of a normal hoppy pale ale.

This is a beer that matched perfectly with carne asada and black beans, easy drinking and ultimately summery. Fit that even though it wasn't a local San Diego beer, between the bowl of rice, peppers and beans and the pint of ale, it truly felt I was back in California.

(Note from Travis to Travis: Geez, man, wipe the sentimentality out of your eye, this is a beer blog!)

Boulder Beer Hazed & Infused
Boulder Beer Company, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Alcohol Rating: 4.85%
Class: American Pale Ale
Rating: 7 out of 10
Quote: "I'm going to have to open my own brewery and taco shop in Ottawa."

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