Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 10 - Beer 13 - Le Bilboquet MacKroken Flower

It's a beer as complex as its name, and one I was saving for a truly special occasion. That's right, suck it, assorted birthdays, anniversaries and winter-predicting rodent holidays, Walking Dead is back on tonight, so for me, it's time to break out the Scotch...ale.

Le Bilboquet, which I first thought was a Quebecois Lord of the Rings fan club, turned out an alcohol heavy Scotch ale that takes its sweetness up a notch with the addition of honey to the recipe. The MacKroken Flower is a reference to the wild flowers and Scotch thistle honey which are key to this particular Scotch Ale's recipe, calling back to the origins of the ale itself.

Definitely for those who like the alcohol to rear its head throughout, but the taste of honey is instantly identifiable and gives a secondary sweetness to an ale that already prides itself on strong vanillas and caramels. The MacKroken Flower isn't for everyone, and the strong alcohol taste can actually take away from the other flavors, but I certainly enjoyed it.

In the end, if you enjoy Dogfish Head's Midas Touch, or want a Scotch Ale that will keep you warm in a kilt, pluck the MacKroken Flower.

Le Bilboquet MacKroken Flower
Le Bilboquet, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
Alcohol Rating: 10.8%
Class: Scotch Ale
Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Quote: "Zombies and Scotch...hey, I think I might have a name for my memoirs..."

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