Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 4 - Beer 7 - Pit Caribou I.P.A. Americaine

The truly great tragedy of the beer world on the East Coast is the sad lack of proper India Pale Ales. More specifically, West Coast IPA's, hoppier blends that lack the sweet almost Belgian-like taste of British and Eastern IPA's. Everyone has their preference, but a beer that can hit you with the fine bitterness of hops without overwhelming you has bullseyed a brilliant West Coast IPA.

Pit Caribou did just that.

PC basically took the standard recipe for Pacific style IPA, choice-selected the right American hops and then added their own special twist, giving it a grand almost-citrus finish, while pushing the boundaries of hoppy bitterness. Pit Caribou's IPA Americaine won't go over with those that shy away from heavy-hopped beers, but like most who develop a bitter-appreciating tongue, (often those who learn to love the taste of black coffee or grew up on Lemonheads candies), this beer is something truly special.

Pit Caribou I.P.A. Americaine
Alcohol Rating: 7.0%
Class: West Coast India Pale Ale
Rating: 9 out of 10 (This avoids the perfect 10 simply because many might not enjoy this beer as much as I do, and trying to be impartial....but credit where credit is due, PC did a fine job on this beer.)
Quote: "I found one! I found an IPA!"

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