Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 11 - Beer 14 - Schoune 1608

Canada loves to celebrate their anniversaries, and often do so with the release of collectible currency, fireworks and assorted breweries releasing special celebratory beers. Again, this country is starting to show its appeal. 1608 was brewed on the 400 year anniversary of the Canadian province of Quebec, an "all-natural amber ale" to recognize the...well....the fact that Quebec has been around for 400 years. A respectable feat for Quebec, much unlike this overbland, overcarbonated offering from Schoune.

1608 has a decent aroma of malts at first sip, but quickly comes off as a factory-bred, flat tasting amber. Beers from microbreweries and mass-produced beers are arguably different in quality, but no matter how delicious some of the wider distributed beers are, there's that indescribable difference in taste between a macro and microbrew.

1608 is nothing special, a beer that could carry the Budweiser label as their new "American Red" and few would bat an eye. The carbonation is a bit too strong, the flavors never seem to break through and overall, it's just a sub-par beer. I imagine the celebrations on Quebec's "Quadricentenaire" may have involved a few spectacular drinking games with 1608, as its one note quality is that it is a rather easy-drinking beer. 

Schoune 1608
Schoune Beer Farms, St-Polycarpe, Quebec, Canada
Alcohol Rating: 5.0%
Class: Amber Ale
Rating: 2 out of 10
Quote: "I want to go to a country's quadricentenaire party. There is no better excuse to drink 400 beers."

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