Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 7 - Beer 10 - Brewers Unlimited IPA Classique

As a West Coast B&R (Born n' Raised), I have to adjust my tastebuds to the IPA's of the East, and prepare for a less-bitter, almost Belgian style to the beer. The Simple Malt IPA from Brasseurs Illimit├ęs (Brewers Unlimited) defines the English IPA style with a strong bitterness paired with that licorice-sweetness so common in many European beers.

I personally didn't care for it.

The flavor was a touch bland at times, and the bitter and sweet knocked against each other like two oafs through a tiny doorway. The third stooge was an earthy tap water taste that threw the entire beer out of whack. There was a constant battle of tastes in the beer, a bit of orange mixed with malt, perhaps a nutty taste combined with bitter hops. While bearing the "Simple Malt" moniker on the front, this beer couldn't make up its mind and the result is disappointing.

Brasseurs Illimit├ęs Simple Malt IPA Classique
Brewers Unlimited, St. Eustache, Quebec, Canada
Alcohol Rating: 6.4%
Class: East Coast India Pale Ale
Rating: 2 out of 10
Quote: "This beer reminds me of myself, scatterbrained, unusual and a bit terrible."

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