Friday, February 1, 2013

Let the Drinking Begin!

 To those that know me, beer is a passion. It is the sweet nectar and proof that whatever god you believe in or don't believe in loves you very, very much. (Per Benjamin "Kegstands for Liberty" Franklin). When set with the challenge of sampling one hundred beers in the span of one hundred days, I responded with an overboasting, "I can do more than one hundred! I am borne of steel and hops!"

From the bitter IPA's to the strong bellied stouts to the light-hearted blondes, no beer will go untried and by the end of the 100 day run, I will go above and beyond the centennial mark. I hope that you delightful readers will comment if you've had any that I've tried, share your opinions, or douse me with beer-soaked internet rage. Unless you're a light-hearted blonde, then shoot me an e-mail. Hi-oh! (I've been forced to apologize for this joke and advised to beg you to unclose your browser and continue reading.)

So it begins, starting today, February 1st and continuing on until right before my 31st birthday, I will try to do more than just sip and review. I'll throw some adventures in, add a few embarrassing stories and do my best to share every beersperience with you. Trademark pending on "beersperience". Or patent. Or whatever, I'm drunk.


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